‘ Facebook at work’

Facebook is targeting for the business market. With a new special business network based on the same principles as their normal social network. According to Financial Times the internet giant is going to compete with the other Social Business network: Linkedin Rumors are telling that the new name of this social network will be: “ Facebook At Work” (FAW?). We are pretty sceptic about this new service, but like every Social Network it depends on the crowd if it will become successful or not.

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Apple solved iMessage problem

You had an iPhone and used iMessage to send text messages. Now you bought another brand smartphone and you are not using iMessage anymore. A lot of ex-apple-users experienced that they were not receiving. The reason of this problem is caused by the server of iMessage. This server still receives your text-messages. This means that you can’t receive certain text messages on your new smarthphone.

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Funny Facebook Status

Most people use Facebook for entertainment. A funny Facebook status is much more valuable than a commercial Facebook status which is ‘ trying’ to be funny. In this blog we show a few examples of a funny Facebook status. I will also tell about the different ways to make people laugh at your status. At the end of this article you might be able to post a funny status on Facebook that goes viral.

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Introduction: Social Media Marketing

If you have an own company or business and you are looking for potential cliensts/costumers, social media marketing might me your solution! In this article we discuss two kinds of social media marketing. Both options are used a lot by internet marketeers and both can be very succesfull. I will try to give you a better view of the posibillities of marketing in the online social world.

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What is Google plus

One of the newest, but maybe also one of the most promosing Social Networks: Google plus, or written as Google+. Just like we did with the other networks, a small introduction to this new media designed and developed by Google Inc.

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What is Reddit?

Reddit is one of the fastest growing Social Media networks of the last year. Reddit was founded in October 2006 by Alexis Ohanian and Steve Huffman from The University of Virginia. Reddit is a social website where users can post the news, photo’s, video’s or other stuff they found on the internet. The website has an high entertainment level and isn’t really meant for commercial purposes. A post gets value by rating, up or down voting. A lot of up votes can bump a post to the front page of Reddit or a subreddit.

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Terrorist fails by posting photos on Facebook

The police in Queensland caught a 32-year-old man from Rochedale South for making bombs at his apartment. Three families who live close to the building had to evacuate. It might take several days before the chemicals and explosives are fully removed. A special bomb squat is installed to clear the house. Beside chemicals and explosives the police also found drugs, bullets and a training grenade.

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What is Youtube

With more than one billion videos youtube is the biggest social video website on the web. Three former employees from the online paymentservice Paypal developed it in 2005. In 2006 Google Inc. took over the website for a monster price of 1.65 billion dollar. Youtube is a website where users can view, publish and share video’s. It is also possible to make your own playlist and follow other users to stay in touch with their new posts. To view the website of Youtube you need the app (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) or a browser with an Adobe Flash Player plugin.

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is an App to share photos and video’s with your friends or the world wide web. The app is just like the most Social Media free to download. The big difference between other photo apps is the fact that the picture is displayed in the shape of a square like polaroid photo’s used to. Instagram started as an app for the iPhone and iPad and became available for android devices at the end of 2012. Since 2013 the app is also downloadable at the Windows Phone Store for Windows Phones.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network which Is meant as a online business club. It doesn’t matter what your profession is, there are always people with the same job or interests. With more than 260 million registered members in about 200 countries LinkedIn is the biggest business network in the world. You can use the business networks of other people for your advantage. Your LinkedIn profile can be used for several purposes:

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